Every year CM organizes a festive gala and of course everything is pulled out of the closet: from a beautiful location, festive decoration, a dinner or a dance workshop to a photo booth. To get everyone in the mood for the gala, a pregala activity is also organized. Every year as a CM’er you get the chance to get your most fancy dress or dress suit out of the closet and shine at the gala. And of course, the gala is also the perfect opportunity to ask that handsome soprano or cellist for a date 😉
You can reach us at: [email protected]

This committee consists of the following members:

  • Anna Eikenboom
  • Ingmar Jansen
  • Renzo Knol
  • Fenne Verheijen
  • Jolien de Groot
  • Lisoula Feenstra
Gala 2020 1

From left to right: Renzo, Ingmar, Lisoula, Jolien, Fenne
Photo by: Simone Both