At the head of Collegium Musicum are six board members who focus on the ups and downs of the association for a year: they organize rehearsals and concerts, ensure that money comes in, attract audiences, arrange ensembles, and much more. They meet on a weekly basis in the boardroom to  play the piano, hang out on the couch, nag about the incapable computers, or even make an attempt to get the board work done. All this to ensure that it is a pleasure to make music in your student days! Below you can get acquainted with the current board: board ‘Cacofonia Magnifica’. Previous boards can be found on the page old board page.

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Ingmar Jansen Chair 

Mathilde Koning Secretary

Bibiana Türkcan Treasurer 

Willem van den Berg Commissioner Choir & Internal 

Isaac Blangé Commissioner Orchestra

Laura Geest Commissioner PR