The association

L.S.K.O. Collegium Musicum

Leids Studenten Koor en Orkest (Leiden Student Choir and Orchestra) Collegium Musicum is the place to be in Leiden for students who enjoy making music! But making music is not the only thing we enjoy. We are an active student association with a lot of activities and involved members. Getting curious? Read on to find out more!

Orchestra, choir and chamber choir

Within Collegium Musicum there are three parts: a symphony orchestra, a choir of around 100 members and a chamber choir of around 24 singers. Both rehearse on Monday evenings, in the Lipsius building of Leiden University. We conclude every semester with two concerts, one in and one outside of Leiden. In addition, every spring we either give a single concert of a large tutti piece, or we spend a week abroad on tour! The orchestra is conducted by Jeppe Moulijn and both choirs are led by Gerrit Maas.

Leadership and organisation

Collegium Musicum is a student association. This means that it is led not by university staff, but by its own members. Every year a new group of ideally seven musicians join forces as the association’s board to dedicate a year of their student time to running the choir and orchestra. They organise the rehearsals and concerts, coordinate social activities, and keep an eye on long term matters. Ultimately however, it is not the board who makes decisions, but the members as a whole: at the General Members’ Assembly (Algemene ledenvergadering or ALV), every member gets a vote about decisions such as internal regulations, budgets, or what programme to play in the future.

In addition, there are many committees that members can be part of, if they would like to. These involve activities anywhere from designing promotional material or organising chamber music days, to helping new members feel at home or organising an entire tour abroad!

Do you want to become a member?

Do you also like music and do you study in Leiden? Then come and see us! At the start of every semester we have open rehearsals where you are welcome to come sing or play. Do you want to know more about CM, send an email to [email protected]. Do not hesitate to contact us!