The Association

L.S.K.O. Collegium Musicum

Collegium Musicum is the place to be in Leiden for students who enjoy making music! But making music is not the only thing we enjoy. We are an active student association with a lot of activities and involved members. Getting curious? Read on to find out more!

Orchestra, choir and chamber choir

Within Collegium Musicum there are three parts: a symphony orchestra, a choir of around 100 members and a chamber choir of around 24 singers. You will find all information on the relevant pages. The orchestra is conducted by Jeppe Moulijn and both choirs are led by Gerrit Maas.


CalmaMente is the former members’ association of Collegium Musicum. For anyone who has ever been a member, CalmaMente is the place to stay informed, to stay in touch and to continue to attend concerts. 


This is of course not possible without a board that leads everything in the right direction! Collegium Musicum has a board of usually seven members, which changes annually in September. Look here to get acquainted with the current board. Feel free to contact us with all your questions! Moreover, you can find many previous boards on the old board page. Association committees such as the foreign commission and the anniversary committee are also included.

Committee of Recommendation

Collegium Musicum is particularly proud of its Committee of Recommendation, which has many big names, both inside and outside the music world. You can now also find them on our website.

Do you want to become a member?

Do you also like music and do you study in Leiden? Then come and see us! Every six months we have open rehearsals that you can sing or play with. Do you want to know more about CM, send an email to [email protected]. Do not hesitate to contact us!