Collegium Musicum has a lot of fun commitees, organizing all sorts of nice and fun activities throughout the year. Currently CM has the following commitees:

  • ActionCie: organizes activities such as games, pub quiz and music evenings.
  • Accolade: devises and makes food on rehearsal and outdoor weekends and during a tour
  • AcquiCie: approaches companies for sponsorship and draws up fund requests
  • Advisory Board (internal): provides solicited and unsolicited advice to the board
  • Board of Directors: takes care of the financial side of CM Archive manager: manages the CM archive
  • CalmaMente: this is the former members association of CM and keeps in touch with the former members / reunists via a newsletter and organizes former members drinks
  • CameraCie: takes pictures for the CMoelboek
  • ChristmasCie: organizes Christmas concerts in nursing homes, at Christmas markets and in the LUMC
  • FootCie: organizes football training and assembles a team during the interorchestral football day of the CONSO.
  • FeestCie: organizes parties
  • GalaCie: Fixture the annual gala
  • Hoisting gear: takes care of the lifting and unloading of all timpani, basses, the choir stage and much more stuff that CM needs for every concert and rehearsal weekend.
  • InstrumentaCie: arranges the rental of our instruments to external parties
  • IntegrationCie: ensures good integration between the new and current members of CM. In October, an integrace weekend will take place at an external location.
  • JamCie: provides music (jamming) at music evenings
  • CoffeeCie: ensures that coffee and tea is available during the breaks of a rehearsal weekend concert
  • LustrumCie: organizes the anniversary of CM. CM will be celebrating its 85th anniversary from January to July 2021.
  • NerdCie: takes care of the database and this website
  • OrchestraCie: seeks substitutes at concerts
  • ProCie: draws up the concert programs that we like to perform
  • PromotionCie: provides a program during the university introduction weeks (EL CID, OWL, HOP).
  • PRCie: provides the PR material for the concerts (posters, flyers, program booklet) and organizes flyer campaigns.
  • SailingCie: organizes the annual sailing weekend at the end of August
  • TourCie: organizes the tour