Collegium Musicum boasts a handful of committees, which organise all sorts of activities throughout the year. The committees currently operating within CM are:

  • Activittee (Accie): organises activities such as games, pub quizzes and music evenings.
  • Acquisittee (Acquicie): approaches companies for sponsorships and helps drafting requests funding.
  • Archive committee (Archiefcie): takes care of CM’s vast sheet music archive.
  • Bitettee (Accolade): organises and prepares food during rehearsal weekends and on tour.
  • CalmaMente: both the name of the society for former members of the association as well as the name for the committee responsible for keeping in touch with said society by writing regular newsletters and organising reunions.
  • Carol Committee (Kerstzingcie): organises Christmas concerts each year in various nursing homes, Christmas markets, and in the LUMC.
  • Coffee’n’Ttee (Koffiecie): ensures that coffee and tea is available in abundance during rehearsal weekends and concerts.
  • Ensemble Committee (Ensemblecie): encourages members to form ensembles, and organises ensemble days.
  • Foottee (Voetcie): organises football training and assembles a team for the annual interorchestral football day.
  • Gala Committee (Galacie): Organises the annual gala
  • Hoisttee (Hijscie): aids the orchestra manager in transporting the timpani, double basses, stage parts, music stands, &c. for concerts and rehearsal weekends.
  • Integrattee (Integracie): encourages new members to feel at home within CM by organising various activities as well as the annual integration weekend.
  • Jam Committee (Jamsescie): occasionally provides music (jamming) at music evenings and after rehearsals in the pub.
  • Jubilee Committee (Lucie): organises the activities for CM’s jubilee every 5 years. CM will be celebrating its 90th anniversary in 2026.
  • Nerd Committee (Nerdcie): takes care of the association’s servers, database, website, and various bits of hardware.
  • Parttee (Feestcie): organises parties
  • Photograttee (Cameracie): takes pictures for the yearbook.
  • PR Committee (PRcie): provides PR material for the concerts (posters, flyers, program booklets) and organises flyer campaigns.
  • Program Committee (Procie): decides on potential programs for future concerts.
  • Promottee (Promocie): oversees the events during the university introduction weeks (EL CID, OWL, HOP).
  • Sailing Committee (Zeilcie): organises the annual sailing weekend at the end of August.
  • Tour Committee (Buicie): organises the biannual tour abroad.

In addition, Collegium Musicum has two advisory bodies:

  • Advisory Board (internal): provides solicited and unsolicited advice to the active board.
  • Finance Committee: aids the treasurer in making financial decisions and drafting quarterly financial statements.