Integracie (Integrattee)

The Integracie is the committee responsible for engaging new members into the association. We do this by organizing a yearly hutspot dinner around the 3rd of October and with the Integration weekend, where new and older members get to know each other and the association. The theme of 2023 was The Sound of Music! The Integracie also organizes a few other activities throughout the year and divides new members into CM families, in which they get to integrate into our association in a low-key way.

You can contact us via email: [email protected]

The Integracie of 2023-2024

The members of the Integracie are:

  • Merlijn Hoppema (Praeses)
  • Hannelore van Es (Ab-actis)
  • Tessa Bosch (Quaestor)
  • Eric Wang (Commissioner of Logistics)
  • Joachim Meurer (Commissioner of Logistics)
  • Emma Both (Commissioner of Families)
  • Danique Nederveen (Commissioner of Activities)